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It is really important to focus on the quality of your Metal & Mineral powders, as tools made from these type of products are brittle and can break easily if more amount of pressure is applied to them.

To manufacture good quality of metal powder, it is necessary that each particle should be of the similar size. You can eliminate this by using Shreeji Engineers Sieving & Filtering solutions. Metals and minerals are found in larger quantity. Therefore, to meet the capacity according to the requirement, Shreeji Engineers can provide you different varieties of sifters. Products like, iron ore, zinc powder or silica will have different properties. Experts from Shreeji Engineers can assist you according to your application and quantity outcome.

Shreeji Engineers is known for its Quality Screens and Sievies in the mineral and metal industry. Our aim is to provide a fruitful and satisfying experience to end-user.